Mentioning the ‘C’ Word In Summer…

We know summer hasn’t exactly been in abundance so far this year, but that is no reason to start discussing the ‘C’ word so early… Christmas.    I like to think that summer will make a reappearance for us at some point, but in our industry, we have to keep moving forward. Apart from the […]

The Key To Unlocking Your Team’s Full Potential Is Here…

The key to unlocking your team’s full potential is here…   With flexible working models in place across many industries following the pandemic, people are experiencing life more separate than ever.   It’s time to immerse yourself in the growing wellness industry and produce events that align with the values of your company and the […]

Looking Ahead: Our Top Event Trends For 2023

There are so many reasons to be positive and optimistic about the state of the Events Industry in 2023…. In 2022, we were at last able to see the return of live, in-person events, which for many of us was a huge relief. We were excited to see how the digitalisation of events transformed the […]

Producing your next event: It’s time to put your ideas into the Melting Pot!

Here at Melt Productions we love getting creative when it comes to producing Events. As a team, we are constantly coming up with ideas for new and exciting projects to produce internally, as well as for our clients. Many of our clients come to us knowing exactly what they want in terms of their event, however, they […]