Enchanted Light Trail

Melt Productions Enchanted Light Trail 2021

Working in close collaboration with Chippenham Town Council

We are particularly proud of this event we installed in our home town of Chippenham, Wiltshire…

Working in close collaboration with Chippenham Town Council, we pitched the idea of an Enchanted Light Trail along the banks of the River Avon.

With COVID uncertainty still looming, we knew the usual annual Christmas Lights ‘Switch On’ could be in jeopardy with the inability for large crowds to gather all at once.
Therefore, to avoid any disruptions or the disappointment of potentially having to cancel any events, the lights trail was an idea we came up with.

We’re so pleased and grateful that the Council were fully supportive and genuinely excited at the prospect of bringing this new concept to the town!

The trail was installed for one week (3rd – 9th December), between 16:30 and 21:30 daily.

Then entrance was designed as a wintery alpine cabin, with lots of snow and twinkly fairy lights and alpine fir trees. This then lead visitors through to the main trail…

Greeted by a selection of local food and drinks traders for the walk, the first stop is the penguin pitch, where an array of penguins surrounded by floating icebergs could be seen.

The next main feature was our icicle walk way, where we hung stunning icicles from the trees and hit them with UV light to make them really pop!

Next up was our hand crafted, floating iceberg, which we built by hand in our workshop. We then floated out on to the river on a pontoon. We situated some gorgeous Polar Bears upon the icebergs and we were extremely happy with the results.

The talking trees took our visitors by surprise, installing a PA sound system and hanging some gnarly faces to the trees, visitors were able to listen to the trees (Old Oak, Willow, Gnarly and Branches) talk in conversation with one another about Chippenham life at Christmas time.

Not only this, the trees were lucky enough to hear the sound of the North Pole breeze and witness a rare Chippenham phenomenon that only happens every 200 years…
The Northern Lights could be seen from the banks of the river!

This narrative then lead guests on to our final feature, a giant 10m diameter igloo, inside we projected the Northern Lights on to the walls, not only this, our bespoke North Pole sign became a real talking point and photo opportunity for visitors.

On top of this, we lit many of the beautiful trees along the walk way, enabling us to light up the park like never before.

The response and feedback we have received has been extremely positive. Next year, we hope to develop some new ideas as well as expanding the trail for 2022!


River Island, Monkton Park, Chippenham


Enchanted Light Trail


Festive Community Event

“The response and feedback we have received has been extremely positive. Next year, we hope to develop some new ideas as well as expanding the trail for 2022!”

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