Cisco Live 2023… Eradicating Single Use Plastic On-Site

Cisco Live 2023

Melt Productions Bottle Washer & Refill Station Design & Build

Here at Melt Productions, we take sustainability seriously…
As Event Producers, we believe part of our role is to ensure events are being designed and executed with sustainability at the forefront of what we do.
There are so many ways to make your next event more eco-friendly, but we understand this can sometimes feel like a gargantuan task… Particularly working on those larger events.
As a team, we have worked on Cisco Live for the past six years helping support and deliver the Hospitality, Food and Beverage side of the event.
Inevitably, sustainability plays a major part in the future of Cisco Live…
Working out ways to reduce and deal with waste effectively, only source local produce through local suppliers and generally minimise the carbon footprint of the event is of extremely high importance for all involved.
This year, to avoid having any plastic or unnecessary bottles on-site, we were tasked with designing and building Bottle Washers and Water Refill Stations, thus encouraging delegates to use their own water bottles.
Not only would this allow people to wash their bottles, they could also refill them at the station too, meaning there was no need for any delegates or staff on site to use single use water bottles whatsoever.
As these washers will be installed year after year, for transportation purposes and general durability, we felt the washers would work well being designed into bespoke flight case style units, that were also on wheels.
Once in place and plumbed in, the lid could then be lifted to allow easy access to the washing and refill station.
The units can also be easily branded with PVC-free, 100% recyclable vinyl stickers.
When the event is over, the case can be closed down and stored safely for another year!
The units were hugely successful, we had four plumbed in across the site and were suitable to withstand 14,000 delegates per day.
If you are interested in having a bespoke design Bottle Washer and Refill Station at your next event, please get in touch with one of our team via the ‘Contact’ page.


Rai, Amsterdam


Cisco Live 2023



” The Bottle Washers helped us eradicate the use of single-use plastic bottles on site. Not only did they wash, people could also refill their bottles at the same time! “

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