‘Frontliners’ 2023

Game Show Production

In Partnership with BFBS & The Ministry Of Defence

Heading to a new, spectacular Military based venue near Amesbury, we’ve been honoured to once again work alongside the fantastic charity BFBS and the Ministry of Defence for our second year of the ‘Frontliners’ Game Show!

BFBS is a pioneering military charity with a mission to entertain, inform, connect and champion the UK armed forces, their families and veterans, with the welfare of the UK armed forces is at the heart of everything they do.

Broadcasting to more than 20 countries worldwide and have permanently-manned studios in 10 countries, including Bahrain, Cyprus, the Falkland Islands and Canada.

Melt Productions were asked to design and build a game show set for the broadcast of a Cyber Security based game show quiz.

With a variety of different rounds, we also used sound effects and creative lighting to create atmosphere and build suspense!

The broadcast was a great success and we look forward to next years’ game show!


Larkhill Garrison


BFBS & MoD ‘Frontliners’


Cyber Security Game Show

“Thank you Melt Productions, another successful year of Frontliners! “

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